Shion Premium MK Collagen Booster (Pack of 6 Bottles)


Fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your body’s production of new skin with Shion’s Premium MK Collagen Booster drink!

  • Regenerate and heal skin lesions more quickly
  • Reduce wrinkles and freckles
  • Enjoy smoother, fresher skin
  • Feel younger and healthier
  • 6 bottles included with order
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After 18 years of successful research and trials and approval from the Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience, Shion is proud to unveil the latest innovation in anti-aging skincare: MK Collagen Booster! This unique collagen booster was proven in tests to have the capability of increasing the production of new skin cells up to 14 times faster than normal collagen. Test subjects that used the Premium MK Collagen Booster for seven days produced, on average, 540,000 new skin cells by the end of the week. The test subjects that didn’t use the booster produced only, on average, 38,000 new skin cells over the course of a week.

This huge boost in skin cell production provides your body numerous benefits, namely smoother, fresher skin that recovers more quickly from lesions. It also reduces wrinkles, premature wrinkles and freckles, and, at the same time, helps slow down the aging process of collagen fibers available in the skin, which leads to early anti-aging effect and prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

Best yet, the Premium MK Collagen Booster was produced to be taken as a delicious beverage, meaning you can treat yourself to skin cell rejuvenation at any time of the day! No more spillable creams or gross pills, just a sweet, nourishing drink that you can take anywhere.

With fresh collagen extracted from Bering Sea snow fish, Shion’s Premium MK Collagen Booster is a groundbreaking revelation in anti-aging skincare that rejuvenates and refreshes your skin, turning back the clock on time. Order a bottle today to see the benefits and enjoy the sweet taste for yourself!