18 Habits To Avoid For Healthy Skin

Ever wake up with a seemingly random breakout on your face and wonder how it possibly could have happened? Ever wonder why your skin feels like it’s harder to keep moisturized at certain times of the year? That’s because your lifestyle has a much larger impact on your skin’s health than you might think. Everything you do, from your activities and diet, to how you sleep, can have an impact on your skin’s overall feel and appearance.

At Shion, we’re passionate about luxury, organic skin care. Our anti-aging skin care creams and drinks can help you enjoy smoother, more youthful-looking skin, but you won’t enjoy the best skin possible unless you adjust your lifestyle and eliminate habits that inflame and dry out your skin. Luckily, we can point you in the right direction. Read on to learn about some of the many habits you can eliminate from your life to enjoy the smoothest, most youthful skin possible.

Skipping Sunscreen (Overlooking Sunscreen In Certain Areas)

We’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog, but sunscreen is your skin’s best friend. Yes it’s oily, yes, you should wash it off your face after a day out in the sun, but regular application of sunscreen is the best way to keep your skin healthy. Broad-spectrum formulas that protect against both UVA and UVB rays are best, but anything SPF30 or above will do. Apply some in the morning and again before you leave work for home if you commute. If you’re going to be outside for a long time one day, reapply sunscreen every two hours. This applies even if it’s not sunny out! There are still UV rays out on gray days. It may be a pain, but sunscreen protects you from the biggest skin-aging agent by far: the sun. Take protection seriously.


If the risk of lung cancer isn’t enough of a deterrent, then avoid smoking for your skin’s sake. Smoking is perhaps the worst thing you can do for your skin, short of drinking bacon grease. If you start or continue smoking, you’ll develop blotchy skin, more wrinkles and deeper wrinkles. In fact, studies have shown that every decade of smoking adds an extra two to three years to your perceived age. Yikes!

Drinking Too Much

A glass or two of alcohol won’t kill you — though it is a source of harmful artificial sugars — but if you have more than one cocktail a day, your skin will pay the price for it. Alcohol increases the level of inflammatory agents in your bloodstream, increasing your risk for flare-ups of acne or skin conditions, and can contribute to your skin sagging more quickly over time.

Picking The Wrong Skin Care Products

Using products that are wrong for your skin type is a very common mistake people make when adopting skin care routines. Luckily, all of Shion’s luxury skin care products are effective for all skin types, and our new collagen-boosting drink can replenish some of the collagen you may have lost consuming too many sweets or smoking!

People with oily skin should choose cleansers with salicylic acid and oil-free lotions so as not to risk clogging their pores.

People with sensitive skin or serious skin conditions should wash with milky cleansers and use fragrance-free, non-irritating sunscreen.

People with dry skin should use non-soap creamy cleansers so as not to strip away protective oils, as well as moisturizers with trehalose to prevent tightness.

Overlooking Your Neck & Upper Chest

It’s easy to forget that proper skin care doesn’t stop at your jawline. Your neck and upper chest deserve attention, too — these areas are just as exposed as your face, and yet they rarely receive as much attention when it comes to moisturization and sun protection. Neck skin is actually more delicate, so be sure to give it just as much attention as your face.

Ignoring Moles

Rates of melanoma are on the rise, and everyone should get an annual mole check from a dermatologist if they can. Check yourself once a month, and call a dermatologist if you notice anything. Don’t trust your gut, trust a professional — your gut instinct didn’t go to medical school.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

It can be easy to skip washing your makeup brushes, but you can easily give yourself muddied colors, clogged pores and bacterial infections if you neglect keeping your brushes clean. We recommend cleaning your brushes once every three weeks, rinsing or wiping well and allowing them to dry overnight.

Talking On The Phone Too Much

You might not know it, but resting your phone on your chin or cheek as you chat can lead to acne breakouts, even if the phone is totally clean. This isn’t a huge risk if you only chat on the phone occasionally, but if you regularly enjoy long phone conversations with friends, family or whoever, you might consider buying a headset to talk with instead. Most earbuds have built-in microphones these days, too.


It’s not good to get too squeaky-clean, surprisingly. Harsh cleansing or over-exfoliating can actually exacerbate your skin’s oil production and make your breakouts worse. Additionally, consider how exfoliating your face feels — it shouldn’t hurt. If it feels uncomfortable to exfoliate your skin or you end up with redness after doing so, toss out your exfoliator and try a new kind. Exfoliatiators shouldn’t be harsh on your skin.


Like over-exfoliating your skin, over-washing and over-cleansing your skin can actually make it drier over time and simultaneously increase oil production, putting you at risk for acne breakouts. Don’t overdo it — unless you’ve been exercising and sweating, your face only needs to be washed twice a day at most.

Staying Up Late

Sleep is your skin’s original BFF, even before sunscreen came into your life. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your skin’s health, as your body uses the downtime to repair damage sustained during the day and replenish itself. Not getting enough sleep, or staying up so late that it messes with your sleep cycle, interrupts your body’s natural healing processes, messes with your blood flow, and raises your stress levels, all of which aggravate your skin conditions and negatively impact your complexion.

Not Sleeping Smartly

How you sleep matters, too. Your pillowcase collects oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and the excess of any creams you may have applied before bed. As you shift in your sleep, that nastiness can go right back into your pores. It’s essential that you swap out your pillowcase for a fresh one at least once a week. While you’re at it, plug in a humidifier, if you have or can afford one. It will help fight the skin-drying effects of heating and air conditioning.

Eating Junk Food

We discuss this in depth in another blog, but your diet is a huge determinant of your skin’s health. “You are what you eat” may be a cliche’, but it’s cliche’ because it’s true. Junk food like fast food, candy and dairy can wreak havoc on your complexion if you enjoy it regularly. Check out our tips on what foods to avoid if you want healthy skin here.

Sleeping With Makeup On

Letting your skin sit and stew in your makeup and a day’s worth of skin oil production, is one of the worst short-term things you can do to your skin. It can easily lead to clogged pores and zit breakouts, particularly if you’re prone to acne already. With all the short-term risk of not completing a simple task, it’s far easier to just wash your face before bed.

Ignoring Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive — it’s thinner than the rest of the skin on your face, and it takes more abuse. The first thing to do is resolve to stop rubbing your eyes, as doing so can break delicate blood vessels, leading to darkening and dulling of the surrounding skin. The next is to regularly use our anti-aging skin care creams around your eyes. Eye wrinkles are some of the first you notice, so keep them at bay with good habits and our luxury skin care creams!

Popping Zits

Popping zits is as harmful as it is tempting. When you squeeze and pop zits, all you’re doing is pushing the bacteria deeper into your pores, causing inflammation, potential scarring, and doubling the zit’s lifespan. Don’t do it! Just stick to spot treatments.

Skipping Workouts

Beyond the numerous benefits regular exercise provides your mood and body, working out regularly increases blood flow to the skin, creating a vibrant-looking flush. Working out also decreases stress and cortisol levels over time, providing your skin long-term health benefits, too. Don’t skip gym day!


The sun is literally and figuratively the largest skin aging agent in the world. Why would you give it extended time to dry out and wrinkle your skin? Aggressively tanned skin loses much of its collagen and elastin, sagging and drooping to look leathery as you age. Don’t do it, just buy bronzer!

A healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining beautiful, glowing skin. If you follow these tips, watch your diet and don’t overdo it on creams and products, you’ll enjoy smooth, youthful skin in no time. For extra help achieving the radiant skin of your dreams, try Shion’s organic, luxury skin care creams and collagen-boosting drinks. Visit our online store today!